since 1990

Lars-Erik Houmann Christensen and Lau Kristensen know each other from college, where they studied at New York University's MBA program.

Then in 1990 they launched a professional collaboration when they bought Christianshavn Video and in a few years transformed a small business with six shops to a large nationwide retail chain with 35 shops.

This development led to a restructuring of the entire industry and when American Blockbuster wanted to establish themselves in Denmark in 1996, an acquisition of Christianshavn Video was the only realistic way to do this.

It was the start of new activities for the two business partners. In January 1998, Lars-Erik Houmann Christensen and Lau Kristensen bought a company in Nakskov named DSS, Danish Separation Systems A/S. The company threatened with closure, originally founded by the Danish Sugar Factories, was owned by Dow Chemical at that time.

DSS was a high-tech company that worked with the development, production and sales of membranes and membrane filtration elements, as well as customized turn-key filtration plants especially for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

DSS quickly experienced a healthy development and in 2000, DSS Silkeborg A/S was established, whose aim from the start was to deal with membrane filtration for the dairy sector.

In 2002, Danish Separation Systems A/S was sold to Swedish Alfa Laval, where the company is now a cornerstone of this company's efforts to penetrate the market for membrane filtration.

DSS Silkeborg A/S was not included in the transaction and together with the management, 2L decided to keep and develop the company further.

Since then, DSS Silkeborg A/S has developed significantly and the company has obtained a position as a global leader within the business of delivering membrane filtration solutions to the dairy industry.

In autumn 2013 DSS Silkeborg A/S was sold to Swedish Tetra Pak where it has become the central element in the company’s business unit delivering membrane filtration solutions to the dairy industry.

Since 1998, 2L has been involved in real estate development and invested in well-located properties.

In this part of the business, Holger Brogaard, former Group CEO of NCC, joined as partner in 2004.

The parent company of the 2L group is called 2L Holding A/S, and in addition to the companies and business interests referred to above and here on the website, 2L has provided venture capital and expertise for a number of other projects and companies over the years.

A cornerstone is the enthusiasm to create development and growth through visible and real commitment to the companies invested in. The goal is not only to own a good number of companies, but also to use the experience and know how to push them forward in the right direction.