Enthusiasm and the ability to create is what drives us...

2L Holding A/S is the parent company of our activities and one of the results of over 20 years of collaboration, which we look back on with pride and joy.

Since 1990, 2L has operated companies in a variety of industries and sectors - in times when the market has been both good and bad.

Throughout these many years we have not changed our fundamental attitude and approach to things, which are based on doing things properly and following through with them, and to treat both people and good ideas with the respect they deserve.

Over the years we have sought to create and develop companies, as well as property based on competence, creativity and pleasurable hard work.

We try to combine the great ideas with down-to-earth negotiating skills and a good deal of common sense, as well as an unconquerable will to make things succeed.

We have travelled far and wide in a variety of industries and we have been fortunate to find that the correct effort is most often rewarded.

Hopefully our website gives an idea of what we mean by the above.